Sunday, May 15, 2011

Europe & US:Day 6 (May 14, 2011)


Woke up at 7 am, surprisingly fresh, considering I finally went to bed at 2 am, after a long but enjoyable meeting with old schoolmate Atul Ahuja.

Atul who was my younger brother’s class mate in School. We also worked together in the School’s rock opera - ‘Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat’ – many years ago. Atul now is a Canadian citizen as well as a ‘green card holder’ in the United States. Years ago, he was the CEO of ‘Cricket Canada’ He was instrumental in bringing Canadian cricket to an international level. He convinced the cricket boards of West Indies, South Africa, Kenya and a few other cricket playing countries, to get their teams to tour Canada and play with the Canadian team. Due to his passionate efforts, and excellent relations with the media and the government in Canada, cricket became a hugely popular sport in the Country.Atul now runs a very successful business in the area of consulting, and employs ten people in Toronto, Atlanta and in London.

We sat a talked about School and the alumni and how to think of ways to give back to an institution where each one of us spent our entire school life. An institution that ‘we live and breathe’ We promised to hook up when he’s in Delhi next, and visit School to meet the Principal.

Atlanta was surprisingly cool this morning, when we left for the airport. The check in formalities were quicker, today being a weekend.

Chicago, true to expectations, was cold and windy. Fortunately, one managed to get to the Hotel from the airport quickly and without any transportations hassles. The room was not going to be ready for another hour, so the time was utilised to have some lunch (soup and salad).

Now that I am in my room, and there’s nothing much to do, I guess I’ll use the time to catch up on the much needed sleep.

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