Monday, May 16, 2011

Europe & US: Day 8 (May 16, 2011)

Chicago – Day 3

Today, I saw sunlight in Chicago, for the first time since Saturday. Obviously, it became warmer, but not warm enough for one to feel comfortable. The temperature in Chicago continues to be below 10 degrees and that’s very uncomfortable.

We left for a town called Rockford – about one and a half hour’s drive northwest of Chicago, for a meeting at the Cadbury factory. Travelling always becomes easy when we have our colleague Scot, from the US office. This time he rented a “Dodge” SUV. The thing about American cars is they look strong and sturdy, and therefore feel safe.

Driving on highways in the US is so, so smooth that it’s monotonous. Vehicles moving at unchanged speeds, in one straight line, sticking to their lanes. Many times I have wondered, how do drivers keep from falling asleep, when they drive at those constant speeds along a straight road…

The air for miles around the Cadbury factory smells of chewing gum – mint flavour. Funnily, the people inside the premises cannot smell a thing – they have become used to the smell.

By the time we returned from the meeting, it was past 6 pm, but Chicago was bright and sunny. The hectic schedules, air travel, unfamiliar food and jet lag are now getting to the system. There’s still a fair amount of travel to be done. Fortunately no early morning departures or late night arrivals.

Tomorrow we got downtown Chicago for a meeting with Wrigley – the chewing gum giant, in their magnificent corporate Headquarters building on Michigan Avenue. This is a landmark in Chicago, just like the Coca Cola building is, in Atlanta.

In the afternoon we are off to Houston, Texas, where a much warmer weather awaits us. 

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