Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Europe & US: Day 9 (May 17, 2011)

Chicago / Houston

From the O’Hare airport area, to downtown Chicago, where we had to commute, for a meeting, there is invariable a bad traffic snarl. Long lines of vehicles moving slowly, but all sticking to their lanes, and maintaining a respectable distance from the car in front. Disciplined driving. Not even on occasion, have I heard a car horn.

Up in the air, one can frequently see a helicopter hovering in the air, and monitoring traffic movements. One cannot make out whether its the police, or even a TV channel. The interesting thing is – this helicopter is not actually moving, but standing stationary, in mid air !  And that too – for extended periods of time – 30 minutes or sometimes more ! Must require amazing flying skills.

The journey into downtown took an hour, whereas the return trip less than half the time. Driving in America is so organized that one is tempted to take over the wheel and drive oneself. On an earlier trip, we learnt that an Indian driving license is valid to rent a car and drive around, for a maximum period of 3 months. One day, one has to garner some courage and take the plunge. Will save a lot of money that is wastefully spent on taxis.

We arrived in Houston, Texas after a long flight from Chicago, at about 6 pm today. Scot, our colleague from the US Office is a bug help because he rents cars in every city and commuting therefore is easy.

DSC04674 The ever efficient Douglas Scot Mace

We checked – in and headed straight for dinner – at the ‘Taste of Texas’ on the of the most popular ‘steak’ houses in Houston. And proceeded to have one of the finest steaks I’ve ever had, in the US.

 DSC04676 The waiter familiarising us with the entire spread offered by the ‘Taste of Texas’

The next three days are hectic. Meeting in the forenoon followed by travel in the afternoon. We move to Akron Ohio tomorrow and then New Jersey on Thursday evening. And then its the flight back to India, on Friday.

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