Tuesday, May 18, 2010

FW: Day 2 (May 18, 201 ) -I

Isn't it simply amazing that in just a few hours one is transported to another corner of the Globe ?
Everything is different now. From an unbearble , hot Delhi, Frankfurt is 'heavenly' with the temperature being 12 degrees ! Despite it being one of the busiest airports Frankfurt does not seem congested at all.
Security checks are more stringent, especially in case of US bound flights. All procedures are perhaps efficient but seem so mechanical...The one thing that clearly is missing in these parts of the World is the ever helpful 'Indian' attitude. Be it a porter, a security personnel, a shopkeeper-almost anyone is ever ready at the airport or a railway station in India, to help you with information or guidance. Don't you remember -who is the most reliable source of information at a railway station? Its the 'coolie' !

Many times the information provided is wrong. But the willingness to help is there.
Here, it's 'do it yourself' all the way. And when you seek help, chances are that your problem won't be solved.
There is no doubt that keeping in mind the passenger load to staff strength ratio, Indian staffers will win 'hands down' when it comes to patience empathy and willingness to help. But you value them when you visit these part of the World and compare...
A quick wash over and I will now settle down with some breakfast. And prepare for the next flight which is of ten hours.

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