Monday, May 17, 2010

'D' Day - May 17, 2010

"Oh Babe - I hate to go" is what John Denver said, in his song "Leaving on a jet plane" And that pretty much sums up how I feel today when I leave home and embark upon a two week tour to the US.

For some inexplicable reason, leaving home has become increasingly 'unsettling' in recent times. Perhaps its about leaving the family alone to 'battle it out' Or it must have something to do with getting 'disconnected' from good friends. And it may sound funny, but staying away from the work place is also a source of stress!

I wait at the Business Lounge at the airport. I had imagined that this would be a quiet place. But it is just another section of the very crowded airport. I look around and see. There are all kinds of people. Men and women travelling alone. Others are in groups. For some, home is just one flight away. For others like me, its just the beginning of a long trip...

There are business people - many of whom stare into their computer screens. Perhaps catching up on email that they didn't get time to see during the day. Ask any business person and he will tell you that if you miss just one day's email, heavens WILL fall...

There are children - small ones. The worst sufferers in long distance travel - I think. One little girl is fast asleep on her mother's lap. Her mother sits motionless, endlessly, because she does not want to risk waking up her child. There is also a boy - just about as big as the girl. He seems to be intent on 'rubbishing' my theory. He is bubbling with endless energy and is running around the lounge detached from the happenings around him, and totally involved in some game that he has invented.

There are others who just sit around and keep busy with their cellphones. The cellphone rings occasionally, but when it does, the ring is noisiy and disturbs everyone. Why their cellphone ring tones are set to maximum volume will always remain a mystery.
And when they answer the phone, they would like everyone else around them to hear at least one side of the conversation...!

My attentions slowly shifts away from what's happening around me I focus on the days to come, the places to visit, the goals to be achieved. My mind settles with the thought that this tour like the many others before it, will end too. And the day will come, when home will be just a flight away.

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