Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 7, (May 23, 2010)

Weekends on tours can be very, very boring. I know because I have spent several weekends away from home. There is only that much one can do, in terms of exploring a new City, taking a guided tour to see places of tourist interest and so on. But that is short lived, and it is difficult to kill the rest of the time.

But not this weekend which is now coming to an end. I had the good fortune of visiting Swati and Rajeev at their home in DC. And the fringe benefit was getting to meet other friends and relatives after decades. So a weekend well spent.

And then onto a new place - Atlanta. The first thing that struck me was how bright and sunny it was, even when I reached my Hotel - at 8 pm ! The sun finally seemed to have set at about 9.15 pm. In Delhi, even in the peak of summer, there is daylight only upto about 7.45 pm.

What I have seen in US in this - 5th trip to the Country, has left a very positive impression in my mind. The first time I came, it was more of a "What's the big deal about it" kind of impression. What impressed me this time was that the USA is visibly very very 'green' and not really the concrete jungle that everyone expects it to be. Every City - big or small, had managed to maintain a proper balance of development of infrastructure which means roads and bridges, as well as huge areas of dense growth of tress, green grass and foliage. This indicates a discipline, planning and above all - a vision.

If we have to 'ape the West' let's do it this way...

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