Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 5 (May 21, 2010)

Salisbury is a small town in the State of Maryland. The population is only 60,000 people.
In a small town, everything is small. Starting with the airport.Only small aircraft can land or take off, usually the turbo prop ones, and not jets.

We landed at midnight, and apart from the handful of passengers who disembarked, and a couple of cars outside - probably someone who had come to receive a passenger, there was not a soul in sight. Fortunately we grabbed the lone taxi that stood in one corner. As we left I wondered how the other passengers would manage. But then there aren't too many 'takers' for taxis. This is the land of car rentals and self drive you see...

The twenty minute journey to the town, was through narrow roads in between fields and farms. We checked into what is called an Inn and not a Hotel. Because there simply aren't any Hotels in Salisbury !

The new lesson learnt today is that in an Inn, or at least in this Inn, there are no laundry services. You want your clothes laundered, you go wash them yourself, in the laundry room on your floor, where there is a washing machine.

But small towns have a charm of their own. People seem more friendly, and they certainly have a little more time to talk to you. We visited our Company's Factory, and met a lot of friendly people.

And we felt proud of the fact that here was an example of an American Company bought out by an Indian Company - OUR Company!

We also bumped into some more people who had come in from our very own Office, for some project work.

Lunch was in Japanese restaurant. After three days of sea food, I decided to go in for chicken. Once again, like all American food helpings, this too was large.

Small towns offer a different kind of challenge. How to kill time? And as I write this blog, I still try and grapple with this issue. How to spend time between now and tomorrow morning, when I leave for the Capital City of the United States of America - Washington DC.

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