Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 6 (May 22, 2010)

Today being a Saturday, was a holiday for me as it was for all Americans. And for Americans, the weekend preparations begin on Friday afternoon. In many Offices people leave by lunch time. They know how to enjoy life with their families. We Indians should learn a lesson from this.

The morning started with a two hour drive from Salisbury to Washington DC by a shuttle bus. And I drove through some of the finest parts of the Country side. A lot greenery, hills, fields etc.

I reached the BWI airport, where I was picked up by Swati and Rajeev. I met Swati my MBA classmate, first time after 1987 - that makes it 23 years ! We then proceeded for lunch. At lunch we had some of the finest Thai food I have tasted in a while.

Then a nice tour of the City. This included seeing The White House, The Capitol - that houses the Senate, The Supreme Court and the Lincon Memorial. We also visited a War Memorial. There on a long and wide granite wall, were engraved the names of all the soldiers fallen for the Country in the World War - II, The Korean War and the Vietnam War. A fine way for the Nation to pay respects to those who made the supreme sacrifice - that of their life, in defending the honor of their Country. People thronged the area. There were war veterans, sons, daughters, friends of those who were no longer alive and whose names were there on the wall. A very emotional and poignant moment for many.

Swati and her husband were generous to host a dinner and invited another old class mates Smita, now settled in the US and living close to Swati, and Akanksha a relative, and her family. I saw both of them after 24 years...

It was great to connect with old friends after a long time. Old memories came flooding by. It was satisfying to note that all have progressed well in life. They have performed all roles well - that of a professional, spouse and parent.

I wish all of them and their families, more happiness and good luck.

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