Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 8 (May 24,2010) - II

Its been exactly one week in the US for me. And despite a relaxed week end, the fatigue is now growing. Mainly an effect of a continued routine of moving from one City to another. Checking- in and out of Hotels, air travels - which involve endless waiting at airports, lugging around heavy luggage, long queues at the security checks, taxi rides, waking up early and sleeping late.

Today - its New Jersey. And the area seems no different from what it was when I came here last - about a year ago. The weather is probably the best that I have experienced anywhere in the last one week. Very pleasant. And of course - there's one thing that I cannot get over easily - broad daylight - till 8 o'clock in the evening !

Apart from that all else now begins to seem monotonous. That includes the food. There's only a limited number of times that one can have steak, or shrimp. The good old Dal, Subzi and Roti are being fondly missed....

The good thing is - this is the last leg of the journey. And from here - its back home, although that's sometime away.

There's one lesson that has been learnt during one's stay here in the US this time. Thanks to some colleagues from back home, who are working on a long term project here, and therefore have worked out ways to survive over an extended period of time. And that is- one must begin to start driving here, so one can rent cars. And rented cars is the most common and convenient way of moving around in the Country. On the other hand, if you don't drive in the US, life can be difficult.

And the good news is - your good old Indian license is perfectly valid for a car rental company to rent you a car !

That's certainly something to look forward to, and in a sense exciting, about the next visit to the USA, whenever that might be..

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