Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Europe and US November 2010

Day 4 (November 29)

I have realised in course of my interaction with a lot of Americans, that most of them start their day early. My colleague in the Company's US office is on his desk at 7 am each day. Better still - one customer contact is in his Office in Chicago at 6.45 am, regardless of the time of the year and climatic conditions (and we all know what Chicago can be -during winter). And since his Office has 'flexi time' he leaves at 2.30 pm. Great idea I think.

Can this work in India? Probably not. You can get into Office at 7.30 am, but will never be able to leave at 2.30 pm. Because how your day progresses depends mostly - not on you but others - peers, boss etc.

Our meeting for today at one customer's Factory in Rockford (IL), started at 8 am sharp, and was over at 9 am. A longish drive followed, to Chicago's O"Hare Intl airport from where we took a flight to New Jersey. And then a dinner meeting with yet another customer. Everything is early, early - getting up in the morning, the starting of the work day, dinner and then retiring early for the night. Reminds me of the old saying - "Early to bed and early to rise...." there is some merit to it - I realise...

Tomorrow is the last meeting in the US on this trip, for which I will fly back to Chicago. And get up at 3 am to catch the 6 am flight. (Clearing security at US airports is a challenge).

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