Saturday, November 27, 2010

Europe and US - November 2010

Day 2 (November 27)

Frankfurt airport seemed worse off today. Because not only was there snow, there was also a very thick cloud cover, and fog. So there was a bit of anxiety in my mind about flight delays, which would have resulted in me missing my connecting flight to Chicago.

But thanks to technology, especially in these parts of the World, a pilot can fly virtually blind, in almost any kind of weather.

The flight to Chicago was of nine hours duration. To me, a good opportunity to catch up on the much wanted sleep. The Lufthansa crew was efficient as usual (typically German). A little too efficient - I learnt. A silly mistake by the travel agent ensured that I was served something termed as a 'Hindu Vegetarian Meal' Now I am not really fond of non veg food. But the Indian food preparation, both in terms of the menu, and the quality of cooking, left the food totally uninteresting and unappetising.(Imagine for instance, having 'paneer' cooked in only tomato sauce, and dry 'chana' dal, to be had with boiled rice !)

A request to change the meal was turned down. The stewardess explained that I had ordered a veg meal, and so a veg meal is what I will get. Efficiency - German style.

As I sit in my Hotel room (after a brief rest) writing this post, I wait for more time to pass, till it is Sunday morning in Delhi, and I can call up the travel agent, and give him Hell...

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