Monday, November 29, 2010

Europe and US - November 2010

Day 3 (November 28)

Today was a Sunday. But unlike other Sundays this was different. I was alone in an foreign country, with nothing really to do on a holiday. Exploring Chicago could have been an option for a more adventurous soul but not me. The cold weather was simply too discouraging....

So I did what best could be done -being confined in my Hotel room, or within the Hotel. Surfing the net, watching American Television, and best of all, catching up on the sleep and the jet lag.

In the evening, a colleague picked me up and we drove about 70 miles to a town called Rockford, where a meeting has been planned the next morning. Driving on the expressways is smooth and fast, and this journey took all of 55 minutes.

Next stop on Monday is New Jersey.

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