Sunday, April 29, 2012

US Trip : April / May 2012 (Day 1)


We arrived in Atlanta from Frankfurt at 3.30 pm, about one hour ahead of schedule. The early arrival was offset by the delay at the airport arising out of a very irritating security procedure.

Atlanta airport is The only airport I have seen, where there is a security procedure AFTER arrival. There is a personal security screening. The checked - in baggage is collected upon arrival, and once again put on a belt for further screening. One has to then take a train, and arrive at yet another terminal (at least 5 kms apart from the one where we landed), to collect one's baggage. All of this, after a half hour at the immigration. (The immigration officer this time, was a friendly type...)

The good thing about Atlanta airport is the ground transportation. Taxis are abundandtly available, a stark contrast to other airports like Chicago O'Hare, where there is complete chaos, and the wait for a cab is endless.

What surprised me also in Atlanta, is the weather. It was 34 degrees C, and needless to state, very warm. We felt a bit foolish, carrying a jacket for cold weather.

The Hitlon, where we are staying, is reasonably priced, yet good. Check in was smooth. The rooms are spacious and absolutely clean, with a grand view of downtown Atlanta. The Hotel has a nice gift shop (which I had to visit - to shop for neckties which I foolishly left behind at home), where the items sold are reasonably priced. Also there is 'Starbucks' for a good coffee.

Its past 7 pm here, and there is broad daylight.

Its been about 29 hours since I stepped out of the home. The travel involved an 8 hour flight to Frankfurt, a 5 hour wait before I caught the connecting flight to Atlanta, which was of 9 hours duration.
Time to rest now. Tomorrow we leave at 9.30 for a trip to Gainesville, Georgia, and from there, straight to the airport, to catch a flight to Chicago.

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