Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Europe and US November 2010

Day 6 (December 1)

The flight from Chicago came in two hours late, throwing all schedules out of gear. One meeting had to be postponed and I reached late for the other one.

The reason for the delay? Worsening weather in Europe. In Brussles where I landed, about 45 flights were cancelled yesterday. This is an issue that causes concern. And Berlin, where I need to be tomorrow is worse.

One hopes that the Friday morning flight to Frankfurt should reach its destination on time, for me to take the connecting flight to Delhi.

Antwerp, where I am staying, is all 'white' - covered in snow. I was forced to take out my winter gear - overcoat, gloves, cap et all, for the first time on this trip.

What's heartening however is to notice that Christmas festivities have started - both in the US (even before Thanksgiving was over !) and in Europe. Malls, shops, even the interiors of aircraft (some of the flights I was in) are decorated nicely. One can't help but notice these, and one is immediately reminded that Christmas is only three weeks away...

Winter's here in Europe - and how !

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